1st WBPF Grand Prix

Invitation letter of WBPF Hungary for the first hungarian Grand Prix, which will be held on the 8th of June in Budaörs as part of the Budaörsi Sportfest.
Basic information:

WBPF Grand Prix, cash prize competition
Date: 8th July, 2013
Venue: Varosi Sportcsarnok, 6 Harsfa Street, Budaörs 2040, Hungary
— Women’s Fitness Physique: Junior (open), Senior (open) *
— Women’s Athletic Physique: up to 165 cm, over 165 cm
— Men’s Athletic Physique: up to 178 cm, over 178 cm
— Women’s Model Physique: up to 160 cm, up to 165 cm, up to 170 cm, over 170 cm
— Men’s Model Physique: Senior (open)
— Men’s Bodybuilding: up to 80 kg, up to 90 kg, up to 100 kg, over 100 kg**
*The Routine has to be presented by all competitiors of Fitness Physique catergories.
**The Freeposing has to be presented by the Top 5 Finalists of Men’s Bodybuilding and Men’s Athletic Physique categories.
— Men’s Bodybuilding overall: 1st: 1.200 USD, 2nd: 600 USD, 3rd: 400 USD, 4th: 200 USD
— Men’s Athletic Physique overall: 1st: 500 USD, 2nd: 300 USD
— Women’s Athletic Physique + Women’s Fitness Physique Senior overall: 1st: 400 USD, 2nd: 300 USD, 3rd: 100 USD
— Women’s Model Physique overall: 1st: 400 USD, 2nd: 300 USD, 3rd: 200 USD, 4th: 100 USD
The winner, and the second and third placed player of each category of the competition wins a cup, medal and certification, respectively.
Entry fee: 50 EUR or 65 USD or 15.000,-Ft
Hotel: The Official Hotel of the event is Hotel Novotel Budapest City, you can make your reservation at WBPF Hungary. Room price: 69 EUR / room / night, breakfast included.
The Hotel Cost (roomcharge with Breakfast) will be fully covered by WBPF Hungary for those athletes are having World Championship title at WBPF.
Peter Sebestyen
President of WBPF Hungary